7 causes of sexual appetite in men

Sexual appetite in men, known as low libido, can occur as they age. However, there are other reasons as well for young men to have low libido. Men or even their partner finds it difficult to talk about this condition to the doctor or other people. But there might be an underlying health problem and this issue must be addressed without hesitation. Having low libido is nothing uncommon. Here are the major reasons for men to have a lower sexual appetite.


Low level of testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones. It helps in building muscle and at the same produces sperms. It has a direct effect on your sex drive. So, if your testosterone level is low then you are likely to have a lower sex drive.



There are certain medications that may lower your sex drive. ACE inhibitors or blood pressure medications are among them. You must consult a doctor to see if you use something alternative so that it doesn’t affect your sex drive.



Depression may lead to lack of interest in sex. If you are taking antidepressants, then the medication may also lower your sex drive. When you suffer from depression, you have lack of sleep and that is also another cause of low libido.



A man’s libido is at the highest level when he is in his late teens and it goes down when he reaches the age of 60. At an old age, it takes a long time to get aroused and get ejaculation. It can be difficult to have an orgasm.



Some diseases like cancer can lower your sperm production. You may suffer from pain throughout the day and you don’t feel any interest in sex.



When you are under pressure, it can affect your hormone levels. The arteries get narrow and you will have less blood flow causing erectile dysfunction.



If you are not happy with the relationship with your partner then you won’t have the desire to have sex. Also, if you are too close to your partner always, then the ‘fire’ may be missing and you might not feel like having sex too often.

A number of these factors can cause reduced sexual appetite. You should talk to a doctor in such situation and take erectile dysfunction pills. If you are married, you may need marriage counseling. You can practice stress management and improve your lifestyle to overcome this condition. Click here to see the different treatment options available.…

3 most common Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms and their cure

Bacterial vaginosis is not a very serious problem if diagnosed properly. It results in abnormal vaginal discharge due to the accumulation of a certain bacteria in the vaginal area. Gardnerella and other kinds of bacteria cause this medical condition. Many women are unaware that this type of conditions exists. When they see the symptoms then often feel embarrassed to talk about it to others. You should know that bacterial vaginosis is a common problem and it can easily be treated. It is more common in pregnant women. If you are pregnant and diagnosed with this disease then you may have pregnancy complications. If left untreated, the condition may become serious. Here are some of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal discharge

If you are having a high amount of vaginal discharge and the color of the discharge is cloudy, bloody, greenish or yellowish, then it’s a sign that you have bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal odor

If you are getting an unpleasant vaginal odor, especially after sex, then you probably have bacterial vaginosis. It’s a foul or fish like smell that will make you feel uncomfortable particularly when having sex.

Vaginal pain

Vaginal pain is also a common symptom of bacterial vaginosis. You may also experience a burning sensation in the vagina. You will feel vaginal pain during urination or sexual intercourse.

In order to diagnose whether you have bacterial vaginosis or not, the gynecologist will manually test the condition of your uterus, cervix, vaginal lining, and the ovary. You should avoid having multiple sex partners and quit smoking if you want to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Having unprotected sex also increases that chance of being infected by this disease.

You will need to see a doctor if you are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Your gynecologist will prescribe you antibiotics. Metronidazole tablets are the most common antibiotic suggested by the gynecologists for treating bacterial vaginosis. You may feel like vomiting after taking this antibiotic. So, it is better to take it right after eating food.

Bacterial vaginosis for men is not an issue as the term says ‘vaginosis’ and it doesn’t have anything to do with men. In most cases, you won’t notice any symptom of having bacterial vaginosis. So, if you are pregnant, it is better to do a diagnosis of this disease to reduce pregnancy-related complications. By following the doctor’s advice, you will be able to lead a comfortable and healthy life.…

5 things you should know about cardiovascular disease in men

Cardiovascular disease affects millions of men worldwide every year. It is the disease of the heart and blood vessels. The heart fails to function properly when you have cardiovascular disease. In case of coronary heart disease, plaque develops and constricts the arteries, so enough blood cannot be pumped. Heart failure, heart valve problems, etc. fall under the cardiovascular disease as well. It is one of the major causes of death in men. Here are five things you should know about cardiovascular disease in men.


It is the major cause of death in men. More people die of cardiovascular disease than they do of cancer or diabetes. In the U.S., 1 in 4 deaths in men is due to cardiovascular disease. You will be surprised to know about 50% men who suffer from cardiovascular disease doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease. In 70% to 80% of the cases, a sudden attack occurs.

Risk factors

There are things that increase the risk of having cardiovascular disease. High level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcohol, smoking, etc. increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you are overweight, physically inactive or have diabetes then you are at a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease. If someone in your family suffered from this disease then you have a high chance of having it too.

Early signs

If you find it difficult to breathe when walking or climbing up the stairs, irregular heartbeat, have pain in the torso or jaw then you are likely to have heart disease. If you have a problem with coordination, vision difficulty or confusion then it’s an early sign of having a heart attack.


Besides getting prescribed medication, you need to bring in some changes in your lifestyle. You must eat healthy food. As a rule of thumb, try to fill up your plate with fruits and vegetables. You must eat whole grains, low-fat milk or other dairy products, proteins, nuts, etc. You must quit smoking and limit your consumption of alcohol. You must control your sugar intake as well. It is important to do regular exercise to keep your heart healthy.

Cardiovascular diseases have serious consequences for men. Early diagnosis of the disease is very important. After a certain age, like from the 30s, men must do a regular heart check-up to find out any abnormality. You should get adapted to a lifestyle that will reduce your chances of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.


Image by: www.heart.org


4 Reasons why Medical Apps are Gaining Popularity

Medical apps are gaining huge popularity nowadays. People are installing the various health-related apps available and reaping their benefits. Here are the major reasons for the increased demand of these apps.


Improves doctor-patient relationship

Using apps you will get to know why you are having specific health issues. You will be able to know your treatment options and discuss it with your doctor. It will save your time and the doctor’s time as well.

It will save your money

Visiting doctors can be expensive. Apps are much cheaper. You will be able to get actual doctor consultation and prescriptions at a much lower cost. Apps are able to track the conditions of the body, so you can avoid staying at the hospital in some cases.

Improve your mental health

There is a shortage of mental health care providers. There are apps available that can track your mood shifts and determine other mental issues you may have. So, apps can actually improve your mental health.

Perform the regular diagnosis at home

Using various medical apps you will be able to find out your heartbeat, pressure, sugar level, and other important statistics. So, you won’t need to visit the doctor for these cases.

Medical apps give patients the control regarding their health problems. Patients gain knowledge and they can choose the treatment options that are best for them. They can interact with the doctors more comfortably and learn how to maintain a healthy life.…

Top 3 Health-related Apps you can try out today

We often have health-related problems that can be easily treated at home. But due to lack of knowledge, we still visit the doctor for simple health problems. Technology has improved drastically and its magic is prevalent in the health sector as well. Now you will find various health-related apps that will make your life less complicated. Here are the top apps you can install in your mobile phones today.



You can have a video consultation with a doctor using this app. The doctor will write prescriptions for you and will answer any health-related questions. All the doctors are board-certified and they are able to teach any disease except emergency cases. You need to pay a flat rate for each consultation. This app has more than 1400 licensed physicians in most of the states of the U.S.


This app is available for both Android and iOS. This app can be used to find drug information. You can calculate things like BMI with this app.  Most of the contents of this app are free.


It is a pharmaceutical reference app. It has features like medicine recommendations or proper drug dosage. Using this app you can find out how a particular drug must be taken. You will be able to know about any side effect associated with a specific drug as well.

These apps are very useful in our everyday life. You can skip the hassle of traveling a long distance to visit a doctor. You can easily get the doctor’s prescription and other health-related information from your smartphone with the help of these apps.…

4 Technologies that will Transform the Healthcare Sector

The technological advancement in the healthcare sector has been amazing over the past few years. There is a huge demand for digital diagnostics, health informatics, and more. In future as well we can expect some technological breakthroughs in this sector. Here are the top technologies of the future.


Digital diagnostics

People will get more digital diagnostics options in future. ‘Neurotrack’ is an example of such technology. It is an Alzheimer’s diagnostic test that evaluates people’s eye movement and detects the impairments on the brain. You can expect similar software in future for detecting other diseases as well.

Health informatics

The record keeping processes in hospitals will improve. This will facilitate coordination between the providers and reduce the number of malpractice claims. Every healthcare facility will have an electronic system in place so that all the patient records and other details are properly saved.

Robotic care

Robots are now used in the medical sector. You will see more robotic applications in future. More robots will be used in this sector by 2025. Robots will help doctors diagnose their patients. Robots will be used to transport lab samples, pharmacy supplies, patient food, etc. around the hospital. Robots will play a big role in pediatric therapy as well.


It will be possible to implant robots inside our body by the year 2025. Limb replacements and organ replacements are common practices today, but you will notice huge advancement in this sector. Research is going on regarding artificial pancreas. The scientists are hopeful that they will be able to replace the normal pancreas with the artificial pancreas in future.

All these technologies will create a milestone in the healthcare industry. People will be able to treat diseases easily with the help of these new advanced technologies.