Top 3 Health-related Apps you can try out today

We often have health-related problems that can be easily treated at home. But due to lack of knowledge, we still visit the doctor for simple health problems. Technology has improved drastically and its magic is prevalent in the health sector as well. Now you will find various health-related apps that will make your life less complicated. Here are the top apps you can install in your mobile phones today.



You can have a video consultation with a doctor using this app. The doctor will write prescriptions for you and will answer any health-related questions. All the doctors are board-certified and they are able to teach any disease except emergency cases. You need to pay a flat rate for each consultation. This app has more than 1400 licensed physicians in most of the states of the U.S.


This app is available for both Android and iOS. This app can be used to find drug information. You can calculate things like BMI with this app.  Most of the contents of this app are free.


It is a pharmaceutical reference app. It has features like medicine recommendations or proper drug dosage. Using this app you can find out how a particular drug must be taken. You will be able to know about any side effect associated with a specific drug as well.

These apps are very useful in our everyday life. You can skip the hassle of traveling a long distance to visit a doctor. You can easily get the doctor’s prescription and other health-related information from your smartphone with the help of these apps.

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