5 things you should know about cardiovascular disease in men

Cardiovascular disease affects millions of men worldwide every year. It is the disease of the heart and blood vessels. The heart fails to function properly when you have cardiovascular disease. In case of coronary heart disease, plaque develops and constricts the arteries, so enough blood cannot be pumped. Heart failure, heart valve problems, etc. fall under the cardiovascular disease as well. It is one of the major causes of death in men. Here are five things you should know about cardiovascular disease in men.


It is the major cause of death in men. More people die of cardiovascular disease than they do of cancer or diabetes. In the U.S., 1 in 4 deaths in men is due to cardiovascular disease. You will be surprised to know about 50% men who suffer from cardiovascular disease doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease. In 70% to 80% of the cases, a sudden attack occurs.

Risk factors

There are things that increase the risk of having cardiovascular disease. High level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcohol, smoking, etc. increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you are overweight, physically inactive or have diabetes then you are at a higher risk of having cardiovascular disease. If someone in your family suffered from this disease then you have a high chance of having it too.

Early signs

If you find it difficult to breathe when walking or climbing up the stairs, irregular heartbeat, have pain in the torso or jaw then you are likely to have heart disease. If you have a problem with coordination, vision difficulty or confusion then it’s an early sign of having a heart attack.


Besides getting prescribed medication, you need to bring in some changes in your lifestyle. You must eat healthy food. As a rule of thumb, try to fill up your plate with fruits and vegetables. You must eat whole grains, low-fat milk or other dairy products, proteins, nuts, etc. You must quit smoking and limit your consumption of alcohol. You must control your sugar intake as well. It is important to do regular exercise to keep your heart healthy.

Cardiovascular diseases have serious consequences for men. Early diagnosis of the disease is very important. After a certain age, like from the 30s, men must do a regular heart check-up to find out any abnormality. You should get adapted to a lifestyle that will reduce your chances of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.


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