7 causes of sexual appetite in men

Sexual appetite in men, known as low libido, can occur as they age. However, there are other reasons as well for young men to have low libido. Men or even their partner finds it difficult to talk about this condition to the doctor or other people. But there might be an underlying health problem and this issue must be addressed without hesitation. Having low libido is nothing uncommon. Here are the major reasons for men to have a lower sexual appetite.


Low level of testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones. It helps in building muscle and at the same produces sperms. It has a direct effect on your sex drive. So, if your testosterone level is low then you are likely to have a lower sex drive.



There are certain medications that may lower your sex drive. ACE inhibitors or blood pressure medications are among them. You must consult a doctor to see if you use something alternative so that it doesn’t affect your sex drive.



Depression may lead to lack of interest in sex. If you are taking antidepressants, then the medication may also lower your sex drive. When you suffer from depression, you have lack of sleep and that is also another cause of low libido.



A man’s libido is at the highest level when he is in his late teens and it goes down when he reaches the age of 60. At an old age, it takes a long time to get aroused and get ejaculation. It can be difficult to have an orgasm.



Some diseases like cancer can lower your sperm production. You may suffer from pain throughout the day and you don’t feel any interest in sex.



When you are under pressure, it can affect your hormone levels. The arteries get narrow and you will have less blood flow causing erectile dysfunction.



If you are not happy with the relationship with your partner then you won’t have the desire to have sex. Also, if you are too close to your partner always, then the ‘fire’ may be missing and you might not feel like having sex too often.

A number of these factors can cause reduced sexual appetite. You should talk to a doctor in such situation and take erectile dysfunction pills. If you are married, you may need marriage counseling. You can practice stress management and improve your lifestyle to overcome this condition. Click here to see the different treatment options available.

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